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Making an impact at ADIPEC 2022

ADIPEC is widely recognised as the energy industry’s most influential gathering anywhere, so of course you’ll be there this October. And with the entire industry going through a massive transition, the event will bristle with new business opportunities. But with hundreds of exhibitors the question is how you can make an impact. Equipping yourself with a great stand will be critical.

Net zero by 2050 is the huge challenge faced by the entire energy industry. And while it’s true that COP26 failed to deliver the legally binding agreement many had hoped for, the challenge remains and the industry’s journey away from fossil fuels is irreversible.

It’s a journey that is already generating unprecedented levels of investment, both in developing new technologies and scaling up existing ones. A recent report from McKinsey estimated that new technologies will account for 65% of all investments between now and 2035, with renewables alone making up 30%. And much of that investment will be driven by the existing fossil fuel giants as they transition their businesses. There has never been a better time for innovative energy service suppliers (

The switch to renewables continues to gather momentum, especially wind power, with perhaps 90% of worldwide generation being renewables by 2050. Hydrogen is likely to be another strong growth area, especially in transport where there are some clear potential advantages over electricity - if the technological issues can be resolved. And it goes without saying that full scale production will need to be green, rather than the grey and blue varieties that currently predominate.

Electricity is expected to increase its share of the final energy consumption mix, from around 20% to around 40% by 2050. Thermal and biofuels also have a role to play, and natural gas is likely to remain key for quite a few years yet. There are great opportunities for service suppliers in all these areas

Of course, the picture could change significantly if the industry was able to crack the CCUS issue (Carbon Capture Usage and Storage). There’s much interest, and customers are hungry for solutions to the cost and scaleability issues.

With so much going on across the industry, ADIPEC is a great opportunity for energy service suppliers to land new business. Customers are actively searching for new ideas and products to tackle these pressing challenges. And they have the finances to back their search.

At Elevations we can help by equipping you with a stand that will not only showcase your products, but also provide you with a space that promotes the personal contact so vital to securing the sale. We bring huge experience in designing and installing winning exhibition spaces, and we have record of giving our clients stands that make a real impact.

If you’re planning to exhibit at ADIPEC, we’d love to work with you. We are confident we’d deliver you a stand that would significantly enhance your sales prospects. Together we could make ADIPEC 2022 a show to remember.

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