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"Design is not just what it looks like and feels like.
Design is how it works"

- Steve Jobs


Based in the UAE, we are One-stop-shop specialists in designing and building unique / bespoke exhibition stands. Our core competency lies in building high impact quality stands built to your specifications. With our Out-of-the-box creativity, practical know how, technical abilities and organizational skills, we produce an unforgettable exhibition stand. We provide our customers premium service by keeping in mind their commercial objective with emphasis on enhancing the brand image and ROI well within their budget.

Our ability to deliver is reflected in the huge number of multinational clients that trust us to take care of their exhibition requirements. To see a selection of the companies we’ve worked alongside just click here

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It gets easier to deliver if the clients objectives are understood

With thinking mind sky is no longer the limit

Creating ideas flares up the imagination

Bright ideas can only be realized once executed into solutions

Germinated Plant


Trees are vital for all living species, they represent how precious life is and the magical ways nature is required for our survival. They play a pivotal role in combatting climate change and represent a classic meeting point for communities and children. 

Each fiscal quarter we gather for a tree planting ceremony at our offices around the world. The number of trees planted represent the amount of projects awarded. We encourage every member of our community to join us or engage in their own ceremony, taking their part in protecting Mother Earth.

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