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Big 5 Global 2023

Updated: Apr 4, 2023

Big 5 Global 2023 - 04 - 07 December.

Since 1979, Big 5 has provided an unmatched platform for construction industry players from around the world to connect, grow, and succeed.

With its global hub in Dubai, Big 5 provides access to the most innovative built environment solutions manufactured both internationally and locally. More than that, the event is well-respected for its premium strategic content as well as technical CPD certified workshops, along with prestigious awards.

Real estate developers, architects, contractors, engineers, consultants, manufacturers, and distributors from the region and around the world gather here to network, share knowledge and form long-lasting business relationships.

The Big 5 includes eight dedicated product sectors, and its stage alongside eight specialized events that tailor to niche audience requirements, thus catering to the entire construction life cycle: The Big 5 Heavy; Middle East Concrete; Windows, Doors and Facades Event, Gulf Glass, HVAC R Expo; Middle East Stone; Urban Design & Landscape Expo and FM Expo.

Today, The Big 5 is the largest and most influential portfolio of construction events across the Middle East and Africa, attracting over 100,000 participants, helping industry professionals excel with their projects and be ready for this new and very different era.

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